Cásper Líbero Body of Work

“Happy are the men who can see the world in a different way”

Cásper Líbero Body of Work

The Body of Work of Cásper Líbero is composed with two components, one consisting of newspapers and one for Phonograph Records of Rádio Gazeta.

The newspaper “A Gazeta” was bought by Cásper Líbero in 1918.  This collection was gathered with eight edited titles being the pioneer in printing newspapers in colors with a total of approximately 1.500.000 pages.


Gazeta Press

PRA-6 Rádio Gazeta (nowadays Gazeta AM), founded on March 15th, 1943, with its programming totally focused on the cultural elite, and favoring erudite music, accumulating in its collection of phonograph records approximately 78.000 records with popular and classical songs, published between 1920 and 1990, and of these, 19.500 records are 78 rpm both electrical and mechanical which are considered true rarities. The cover jackets of the 33 rpm records will be digitalized, becoming the first complete body of work in all Latin America containing phonograms, technical and artistic information and its respective cover jackets, sleeve jackets and enclosed items.

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