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Gazeta Press

Cásper Líbero was always an admirer and supporter of sports. He created, promoted and divulged several popular races which became traditional.

In 1924, watching a pedestrian night race in Paris, the March aux Rambeaux, he idealized the São Silvestre Race, which was then named because initially it started on the evening of December 31st. Nowadays, as it is internationally known, São Silvestre is the largest and most famous pedestrian race in the world.

Swimming was also remembered by Cásper, who created the São Paulo Swimming Cross. In cycling, he created the Cycling Race 9 de Julho and, to integrate students he promoted the games called Brazilian University Students.

Soccer was also one of his passions and the first tournament promoted by him was the Inner City Field Soccer City of São Paulo.

Sports became a special in the newspaper A Gazeta and the success was so huge that Cásper created a supplement dedicated exclusively to divulge the events linked to this area. The tabloid was called A Gazeta Esportiva, which opened in 1947.

In 1922, the city of São Paulo heard for the first time the broadcasting of a soccer match. Cásper Líbero demanded the installing of loud-speakers in the Vale do Anhangabaú and the broadcasting was made by telephone.

Cásper Líbero was a supporter and businessman for all sporting modalities. The journalist made “A Gazeta” a prime broadcaster of this practice.