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Gazeta Esportiva.Net

One of the greatest contributions from Cásper Líbero to Brazilian sports is, undoubtedly,  A Gazeta Esportiva.

Under the administration of Cásper Líbero, who took over the newspaper “A Gazeta” in 1918, a small column was created with ¼ of a page devoted to the segment named “Gazeta Esportiva”. Its popularization made this into a supplement on December 24th, 1928, then called “A Gazeta – Edição Esportiva”.

Only on October 10th, 1947, four years after the death of Cásper Líbero and under the management of Carlos Joel Nelli, this supplement became a daily newspaper and gained a large number of pages.  So the “A Gazeta Esportiva” was created, already counting with the success of the several races promoted by “A Gazeta” such as the Street Race of São Silvestre and the Bicycle Race Nove de Julho.

Its articles with ample coverage of all the sports transformed A Gazeta Esportiva into the most complete sports newspaper in the country being recognized even abroad.

And, following the innovative spirit of Cásper, the newspaper also followed up with the technological changes. In June of 1997, the newspaper A Gazeta Esportiva entered into the internet. The site replicated the contents published in the printed edition. One year later, it was inaugurated the site, already hosted in the company´s internet provider – FCL Net.

In 1998, GazetaEsportiva.Net strengthened Gazeta Doc, its archives (existing since the appearance of the newspaper “A Gazeta”, in 1906), currently considered the largest in the country about sports thematic – with pictures and newspapers (from 1915 until 2001), besides digital contents that were produced by the portal. In that year, Gazeta Doc was remodeled and besides the researches, it became the Gazeta Press – a photographic and sports news agency. In a country where sports has a highlighted position in the media, the Gazeta Press is an important vehicle for the support of production, providing texts, schedules, updated pictures and rare photographs that constitutes our body of work. Nowadays, it provides texts and pictures for the site Gazeta Esportiva.Net and for the newspapers: O Estado de São Paulo, Folha de São Paulo, O Globo, Jornal do Brasil, o Estado de Minas, Agora, Diário do Grande ABC, among others.

On October 20th, 2001, with the end of the daily publications of the newspaper A Gazeta Esportiva, all the information and services in the sports area were transferred to the site Updated 24 hours a day, in real time, the site became the most important electronic portal about sports in Brazil.

Therefore, the “A Gazeta Esportiva” keeps alive and narrating the history of the country, of the world and of the sport through the content that produces, now via its portal.


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